Zj Dymond is Mr Full Charge Wednesdays


Kerishma Davis, more popularly

known as ZJ Dymond, was born and raised in Orange Field district in Linstead, St Catherine.

He later developed his love for music and the art of being a disc jock. ZJ Dymond went from being a sound system selector to achieving his dream of working on one of Jamaica’s notable radio stations, Zip103FM, where he is now making his mark in the music industry with high- energy mixes.

“I started playing on my uncle’s sound system in the early ’90s where I continued to enhance my skills. I moved on from there to playing on other sounds such as Twin Star, Travelling Star, to name a few. I was not worried that much about the little money I made, also the mornings of walking home after a dance,” he shared.

Sir Full Charged further explained: “The name ZJ Dymond was given to me by friends from my community. The love of the craft and my eagerness to fulfill my dreams were all that kept me going. November 2003 was when the direction of my career changed. when I went to play at a pool party in Negril, the general manager of Margaritaville, Mobay, wanted me to do an audition for a house dj and I got the job in an instant.”

ZJ Dymond then went on to enter the Heineken Green Synergy competition in 2007, where he placed third.

The Zip jock/producer keeps charging on. He has worked alongside the label GESTA Music, where he produced rhythms such as Shellings and Motivation, and he also worked on Charly Black’s Ungrateful, which has been receiving heavy rotation.

As ZJ Dymond charges fully for 2012 and beyond, he now continues to bring some high- energy music locally and internationally to the party scene.

“Now, here I am on the best radio station ever in Jamaica, ZIP 103 FM. You can tune into Full Charge Wednesdays. you will be glad you did,” he quipped with a smile.

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