Spice wants to take it to Gospel!


Dancehall princess, the hard-spitting Grace ‘Spice’ Hamilton says she wants to do gospel.

Known for her hardcore lyrics and unique dressing, the stage-show warrior says that gospel is one of her favourite genres.

The artiste says she grew up listening to gospel music and became connected with music from Grace Thrillers.

“I like Grace Thrillers, I listened to them nuff growing up because of my name sake, my name is also Grace, and I’m their number one fan and I have been listening them for years,” she told a source.

According to Spice, she finds gospel music to be very relaxing. “It puts me in a different world. It just has the ability to make me calm completely. I do dancehall right throughout the year, but what really calms me is some good gospel music,” she said.

The artiste also hinted at doing gospel songs in the future.

“I want to do a gospel song, I would love to do gospel,” she said.

She also says her mother is a Christian and did not really love dancehall at first.

“She always use to say, ‘mek yuh nuh sing fi God,'” she laughed.

Spice says that after paying attention to her development, her mother became fully aware of her talent and started to give her full support.

“Now she even hear mi new song dem an call fi sey she hear mi song, so now she is like a fan,” Spice said.

(Article provided by Jamiaca Observer)

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