Specialist says… Jealous girlfriend destroyed his property


Dancehall artiste Specialist is now fuming after losing some house appliances and furniture following a feud with his girlfriend.

The feud reportedly started because of his girlfriend’s jealousy and her belief that she was ‘getting bun’.

“Man a ghetto yute, mi start from nowhere and she hear say mi have woman and mash up di ting dem a mi yard. She go up deh when I wasn’t home and mash up mi tv, mi wardrobe mirror and mi wall fan,” Specialist told THE weekend STAR.

According to the deejay, he has been in a relationship with the young lady for a little less than a year, and he even moved her into his home. He said the altercation grew to a head when his girlfriend refused to answer calls from a specific number in his presence, which led him to become suspicious.

“Anything she need, a me haffi sort it out fi her. But she violate me. Normally, when her phone ring, she would tell me say is her mother or her sister a call, now a number a call her and she caan answer it in front of me,” he said.

He went on to say that the girlfriend saw him with a next girl and an argument ensued.

“She see me wid a next girl round a one a mi friend yard, and me and her start argue. Me tell her fi take up her tings dem and come out a mi house cause me nuh deh pon wha she deh pon,” Specialist said.

“She go round deh and a mash up mi tings and mi bredda dem tell her say she must leave me things dem alone. She go up a station and tell police say me bredda dem waan kill her,” he added.

Specialist says that they went to the station but no charges were filed.

He went on to say that he is now focusing on his career including his new single Come Whine which features female artiste Spice.

“Mi inna the business now fi nearly a year and mi have a lot more to learn. Mi a gwaan work pon mi stage show perfor-mances,” Specialist told THE weekend STAR.

Efforts to contact the young lady were, however, unsuccessful.

Source: THE STAR

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