Richie Spice getting Sued for failing to perform


International Reggae artiste Richie Spice has come under fire from overseas-based promoters Cliffside Entertainment, following the artiste’s decision to stay in his hotel when he was slated to perform.

Allegations have since surfaced on the Internet that Cliffside Entertainment is threatening to sue the artiste for damages.

Richie Spice’s manager Sophia Campbell has said that Richie had good grounds to abstain from performing.

She claims that the promoters of the event did not uphold their part of the agreement.

The manager claims that Cliffside Entertainment was supposed to pay for a plane ticket, and the company only ended up paying half because V.P. Records took care of the rest.

She also said Cliffside Entertainment promised to take care of travelling arrangements and this also went into thin air, as Spice and the management team, waited at the hotel for hours and still nobody turned up to take them to the venue.

“They said Richie was to perform at 2 a.m. and we were at the hotel from 9 a.m. the day before until 4 a.m. the next day and nobody came to pick us up,” she said.

A seemingly upset Campbell also said she didn’t receive all of the payment from the promoters and this was supposed to be paid three to five days before the artiste leaves the hotel for the venue.

“They called at minutes to 2 a.m. to say that the show wasn’t going to their expectations, so they didn’t have the rest of the money upfront, and that the artiste should still perform or else there would be a riot,” she said.

Campbell also claims that she had received death threats since the incident “strange men have been calling my phone saying mi diss dem friend,” she said.

Trevor Burnett the Jamaican business contact for the promoter said he had heard rumours of the lawsuit, but he could not comment because he too had been trying to contact Cliffside Entertainment without success.

(Article provided by Jamaica Star)

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