Lutan Fyah shoots down rumours


Artiste Lutan Fyah is refuting claims that he cancelled an album launch because of ego.

According to the artiste, while in New York recently, he met a man who told him he was managing up- and-coming artiste Khalilah Rose.

“This man and I had an agreement for him to work on doing promotions for me. When I came to Jamaica, friends told me he was putting up on websites that he was my manager when nutten nuh go so,” Lutan Fyah told THE STAR.

“He wanted me and Khalilah to do an EP and I disagreed. We never had a double CD coming out, or anything like what is being reported,” Lutan Fyah added.

The artiste went on to say that he even gave the man access to his Facebook pages, and was surprised to find out that the man had deleted his friends from his page.

Although rumour has it that the artiste pulled out of a launch for his new album with Khalilah Rose because he wanted his image on the poster to be bigger than hers, Lutan Fyah said none of this is true.

“Khalilah is a friend of mine for over 10 years. I have no reason to be degrading Khalilah,” he said.

Despite all this, Lutan Fyah says his 26-track album, New Day, has been getting good reviews.

“The album is like R&B, dancehall, and a roots-reggae flavour. In the first nine days it got over 30,000 downloads. I have over 300 songs that people have never heard before, so now I’m just giving it to them free of cost. Mi record five to six songs a day,” Lutan Fyah said.

The artiste is also gearing up for shows in New Jersey and California, and also has pending dates for European festivals.

Source: THE STAR

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