Luciano Bottled at Nigerian Christmas Concert

Reggae singer Luciano’s Christmas eve performance in Nigeria was marred with the hurling of empty water bottles by some youths who attended the closing of the 2011 Rivers State Carnival aka CARNIRIV held at Liberation Stadium.
According to reports, the singer was invited to perform at the event by the consultant handling the cultural festival. However, patrons on hand were not comfortable with Luciano’s reggae music.
To show their disgust, music empty water bottles were thrown at him during his set.
A shocked Luciano asked the crowd: “What’s happening? You don’t want me?”
The report also went on to say that Lucanio’s understanding was that the festival was to showcase African culture.
“I am a messenger of God. Don’t you want the message? I was in Ethiopia, they (Ethiopians) received me. I was in Gambia, they received me. Why won’t you receive your brother?,” said the artiste who is known for his favourites such as Lord Give Me Strength and Sweep Over My Soul.
Not even his One Way Ticket to Africa could win the singer any points with the crowd as the objects continued to fly at him. In the end, he left the stage.
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