Keep your apology – Khago tells Bushman


Artiste Khago is fuming over comments he said were directed at him by fellow artiste Bushman during a radio interview recently.

According to Khago, during the interview which centred around singer Natural Black cutting his hair, Bushman made references to him not being officially booked for any official show in New York.

“Him deh pon the radio like him a music police and a talk to Natural Black bout how him trim him hair fi do dancehall. Him a gwaan like him a music referee and a tell Natural Black say him never haffi trim because Khago have songs but never get no bookings fi go foreign,” Khago told THE STAR.

Khago went on to say that he grew up listening to Bushman’s songs and is now offended that Bushman would make such remarks about his career.

“The first time mi go foreign, Beenie Man did have a show fi do and couldn’t perform and him ask mi fi perform, after that all a my show dem a me headline dem. Bushman sing one song 30 years ago and if him can sing one song and can get book fi show, much less me. Tell Bushman fi go trim, him a gwaan like him a music God and a gwaan like him holy,” an irate Khago said.

When contacted, Bushman said his comments were made towards the music and the state the industry is in right now.

“Mi just did a say music nuh deh nowhere and all now him (Khago) nuh do a official show in New York, a people haffi a call him up. Mi just say a ting and if mi offend him mi apologise. Seventeen years ago my career start, so if him offended then I apologise for that,” Bushman said.

Khago however, did not feel that this was enough and stated that this seemed like a personal vendetta against him.

“Him say it to the whole world already. Mi nuh know a who a pinch Bushman pon him back pocket fi him say dat bout me. Mi never hear a song play fi Bushman when mi go away. A my pickney sugar pan him a play wid. Diss him a try diss me, is a personal vendetta him have. Why him chose my name? Mi nuh want no apology from him,” Khago said.

Source: THE STAR

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