Junior Kelly for US tour

Junior Kelly

Roots reggae champion, Junior ‘Love So Nice’ Kelly, is quite upbeat as he makes his way across the West Coast of the United States to reconnect with fans and share with them his catalogue of hit songs.

The tour, which also features singer, Prestige, along with a live band, brings Kelly to a stage that has been yearning for him for too long. Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz – the one in California, not the Santa Cruz in St Elizabeth, Jamaica – will host the kick-off show on June 9, and anticipation is running high.

Last year, Junior Kelly did the European circuit and this was hailed as significant. Armed with his VP album, Red Pond, a critically acclaimed reggae offering, Kelly’s tour towards the end of 2011 re-established him as an authentic exponent of the genre.

Kelly, remarkably, has stayed true to his roots reggae format, despite the urging, from producers and artistes alike, to foray into something different. He is known around the world for his extensive catalogue, which includes the chart-topping classics Love So Nice, Smile, Receive, and Sunshine. These songs will be some of the hits that the singer will use to rock fans in California during the month of June.

“I will be arriving a few days early because it’s good to get in tune with the people by being in their space and getting that connection before showtime,” the affable singer declared.

According to Kelly’s management team, which includes Triple T Productions, they were quite happy to work with the promoters to ensure the success of the events, hence a media blitz, which will see the singer making the press rounds, both print and electronic, in the run-up to each event.

“Fortunately, Junior Kelly is one of those artistes who understands that being prepared for a show means doing the interviews, getting comfortable on the social-networking sites, and informing your fans of your whereabouts, and turning up on time for rehearsals, and all that great stuff associated with touring,” Tasz Smith of Triple T explained.

Joining Kelly on the Love So Nice – Red Pond Tour is roots reggae soldier, Prestige, whose singles Dem Wrong, My Pride, and Smoke Free have attracted a considerable following throughout the United States and the Caribbean. His latest single, The Question, is currently burning up airwaves around the world.

Source: THE STAR

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