I-Octane Shell down Reggae Sumfest!


MONTEGO BAY, St James — It wasn’t the man dubbed the king of the dancehall, neither was it the controversial deejay that has everyone talking about the lightness of his skin; nor was it the gully God, but in fact it was singjay I-Octane who stamped his class, and set the park ablaze at Thursday’s dancehall night at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.

Even before he made his entrance on stage the noise was deafening — a wild symphony of firecrackers, horns and whistles from the estimated 20,000 patrons inside the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex.

Spitting the lyrics to one of his many hits Cyaan Ramp Wid Man the artistes who was dapperly dressed in fitted white jeans and sky blue shirt sent excitement fever pitch. Among the string of hits delivered during the first 10 minutes of I-Octane’s performance were Badda Dan Dem, Mama, You Alone, My Life, Study You Friend Dem and Puff It.

Meanwhile, out in the general admission section of the park a huge fire blazed from flames ignited by dozens of spray cans by fans of the dancehall artiste. Several explosions could be heard as the flames heightened. “Watch ya, mi no haffi move up and down on stage fi tings happen, Mr Lightman lock off di light dem,” was his command as the fire roared causing those in close proximity to drift away.

For several minutes, the attention shifted from the main stage to where the flames were in full blaze. Several persons were observed rubbing their eyes and body as the sparks and smoke circulated. On stage, I- Octane continued his set seemingly mindless of what was taking place in the centre of the venue. Minutes later the ‘fiery’ artiste made his exit as he chanted the words to Lose A Friend.

Another exceptional performance came from former Gaza prince Jahvinchi,. He too was greeted by much fanfare from the crowd. Jahvinci was in total control as he went through his paces. He even managed to elicit laughter when he said “Mi can come up here and doan big up Kartel, cause a him buss mi, and mi haffi big up Bounty Killer cause a him buss Kartel.

If anyone was wondering why he left the Gaza camp then one of his statements during his performance would have supplied the clue. “Mi na go ina crew fi hype and at di end a di day mi family hungry,” Jahvinchi said between performing Watch you Friends and Walk Beside Me.

The night however, was not just about the male artistes as the females were not to be outdone. It was a toss up between Tifa and Spice as they both scored major points.

Tifa’s entry on stage from an oversized gift box was unexpected and entertaining. She delivered an explosive set before being wheeled off the stage atop the box. Spice’s wig might have been out of this world, but her performance hit the jackpot. She was her old fiery, teasing self. It was a double dose of pleasure when she called on American R&B act Mya, and the two gave a world premiere of their collaboration Take Him Out.

Without a doubt one would also have to make mention of Ce’cile performance. The Bad Gyal of dancehall was up to her usual sexy antics as she sexily gyrated her hips as she sang the lyrics to Cook Fi you , Wi No Share Gal Man, Coffee and Waiting . Showing her cultural side, Ce’Cile reached into the hearts and soul of many as she delivered the lyrics to her single Rise up, Wake up.

As dawn approached, Aidonia, Assassin, Kiprich, Fambo and Konshens all delivered well.

Another performance that will be talked about days after the show was that of Khago. The Cyaan Cool artiste failed to impress with his choice of wardrobe. “The time him management team a take fi buy fireworks gi fan dem need to take it and hire a stylist,” a patron commented. During his stay centrestage Khago cleared the air saying that there was no rivalry between himself and I Octane but not before throwing a few lyrical blows to Tony Matterhorn.

Movado, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer were their usual selves with each throwing lyrical blows at each other or at Vybz Kartel.

Vybz Kartel made his entrance at near 6:00 am to the expected deafening screams. His glory was short-lived, as minutes into his performance, the crowd began to disperse as Gaza Slim, Popcaan and Sean Storm tried without much success to gain the crowd’s attention.

Reggae Sumfest concludes tonight with International Night II featuring performers such as Nicki Minaj, Cherine Anderson Jah Cure and Gyptian.

(Article provided by Jamaica Observer)

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