Gaza Slim lashes out on ONLINE Impersonators


Dancehall artiste Gaza Slim has distanced herself from at least two facebook pages and an Instagram profile which have been created on her behalf. According to Gaza Slim, the pages are sending messages to her fans which do not represent her views and she wants to put an end to it.

According to the Independent Ladies singer, unscrupulous persons have been using the profiles to propagate rumours.

“Vanessa Bling, aka Gaza Slim, does not use Facebook, BBM or Instagram. So whosoever is pretending to be me needs to stop. People who know Slim know that I don’t use any of those networks. I was on blackberry messenger and I have been off since five months ago. Rumours have been spreading that I had a fight at a courthouse and that is not true,” she said.


According to the artiste, she would never tarnish her reputation to take part in a public squabble and she wants persons to desist from spreading that propaganda.

“Big-up to my true fans and friends who have been supporting me from the start until now, as well as my nice clean boss, freedom is a must. It’s not what man say, it’s about what God say,” a seemingly upset Gaza Slim said.

She also took the opportunity to rubbish claims by the media that her close associates confirmed that she was in an argument with Vybz Kartel’s common-law wife, affectionately called Shorty.

“I’m so vex about that. Nobody fi mi neva talk a court or give nuh report, it was the fans,” Gaza Slim said.

The artiste is currently riding high with the success of her latest single called Whine, produced by UIM Records. The song currently has over 200,000 views on

Gaza Slim was also featured in a song called Children Are Our Future, which denounces crimes against children.

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