Chillando drops new single


Fast-rising dancehall artiste Chilando is all smiles as he continues to climb towards the top of the musical ladder.

Chilando is currently enjoying much attention with his controversial single titled Gwaan Gyal. The supporting music video for Gwaan Gyal is also doing well as it is in the number-three position on CVM TV’s HIT LIST On The Rise chart.

Chilando is rapidly emerging as one of the most consistent new artistes. Earlier this year, he topped the On The Rise chart for several weeks with his video titled Nuh Tekk Box Up. Since then, he has continued to pepper the airwaves with a number of singles and videos.

“I’ve been working very hard to build my career and it’s been very good so far. A lot of positive things have happened, I’m taking everything in stride, giving thanks while making the most of every new achievement and opportunity that comes my way,” said Chilando.

hard-hitting track

He recently dropped a brand-new single titled Nah Beg No Ratings. The hard-hitting dancehall track was produced by hitmaking producer Zoom of Good Good Production, on his Happy Time rhythm.

Nah Beg Nuh Ratings has earned Chilando quite a number of new fans.

Nah Beg Nuh Ratings is doing well; it’s getting a lot of love from selectors and radio DJs all over the world. Everywhere I go, people are coming up to me and telling me they love my new song. The song is also creating a nice buzz on the Internet, since Zoom tweeted it on Twitter, I have been getting a lot of messages from new fans on Twitter and a lot of follow requests,” said the artiste.

Chilando recently treated patrons who attended the Montego Bay Jerk Festival to a spicy performance. Clad in full black, he commanded the attention of the massive audience as he reeled off songs such as Nuh Tekk Box Up, In A the City, Gwaan Gyal, and Gyal Dem Mi Want.

“The reaction from the crowd at the Jerk Fest was awesome, even when I left the stage, the fans wanted more,” he said.

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