Busy Signal’s album leaked online – Manager does not believe it will affect sales

Busy Signal

Despite more than half of Busy Signal’s upcoming album being leaked online, his manager, Shane Brown, does not believe it will affect the sales significantly.

Scheduled to be released officially on April 24, at least 10 songs from Busy Signal’s upcoming 17-track album, titled Reggae Music Again, have been leaked on YouTube recently. Individual full-length tracks were uploaded via various users of the website at the beginning of the month, while a few compilation mixes were posted later.

Some of the songs that were leaked are Reggae Music Again, Sweetest Life, Kingston Town, Jah Love and Wicked Man.

Speaking with Brown, he explained that some members of the press got access to the songs via a stream that was set up with a password so they could get an early listen. He said this was done to help create some buzz around the album but the songs were eventually leaked.

However, he said it is not something to be alarmed about.

“It is not anything big on our side. Sometimes it’s more flattering than anything else. It is an awareness of the album also,” Brown told THE STAR, noting that the only single from the album that was officially released is Come Over.

Brown added that there are some persons who tend to download while others will definitely buy the physical album.

“A lot of people are not buying from our side of the world, yet still you have a lot of people who want to buy it because what is online is not necessarily the best quality,” he said.

Busy Signal’s manager added that VP Records also released an eight-minute long video called ‘Reggae Music Again: Busy thoughts’ in which the artiste spoke about his decision to do the reggae album.

“We put the album out there. You can’t release a project like this without an awareness ’cause this is not the normal Busy album. The response is overwhelming so far. They (public) is just blown away and they can’t wait for it to be released,” he said.

Source: THE STAR

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