Bugle’s “Shameless” creates huge BUZZ


Reggae/dancehall artiste Bugle aka Mr Compatible doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. His new single, ‘Shameless’, the follow up to his massive ‘Nuh Compatible’, is already creating a huge buzz.

Shameless once again teams Bugle with production house UIM Records.

Shameless is just another truth. I always describe my music as the truth because I talk about things I see happen in the society. It’s just another song that was inspired by day-to-day life,” Bugle explained in a release to the media.

Finding a proper follow-up single to a massive number one single such as Nuh Compatible wasn’t a difficult task for the renowned songwriter.

“My ability to write good songs has never changed. I have been writing good songs before I even got the break in 2007. The truth is, I am just mastering my craft and it’s not a task for me,” Bugle explained.

Even though it was released to radio less than two weeks ago, the feedback to Shameless has been overwhelming.

“The feedback has been great. People really love the song because they can relate to what I’m saying and they are gravitating towards it rapidly,” Bugle noted.

Another song that Bugle has high hopes for is Infidelity, which features Lady Saw.

Infidelity was also produced by UIM Records. It is one of my favourite projects. It’s about a relationship gone bad and no one is taking the blame. I know everyone can relate to that. Big up Mumma Saw,” said Bugle.

Best known for hits such as Journeys, What I’m Gonna Do, Pearly Gates and Anything Goes, Bugle ruled the airwaves this past summer as Nuh Compatible sat comfortably at the top of several local and overseas charts.


Source – The Star

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