Boom Boom releases Darkness in the Dancehall


Selector Boom Boom says that he is impressed with the progress of the Darkness rhythm, produced and released by recording label Claim Records.

The rhythm is getting regular rotations in the dancehall arena, and Boom Boom believes the project is now an underground hit. Among the songs recorded on the rhythm are Mavado’s Darkness, Cobra’s Di Hardest, When Wi Squeeze for Chase Cross, Beenie Man’s Run and Hide and Munga’s Funeral Bell.

“It’s like the most played rhythm on the party scene right now, every single night it play at the parties,” said Boom Boom in an interview.

According to the selector turned producer, the songs on the rhythm are hardcore and it revives an element of dancehall that has been missing for months.

“The rhythm has this dark sound about it, accompanied with a funeral bell suh that gives it a wicked sound, it’s more of an underground rhythm. Dancehall has been lacking in this for a long time,” he said.

Boom Boom disclosed that some of the songs have not got radio play due to the strong lyrical content, however others have successfully crossed over into the commercial media.
“Because it’s a hardcore rhythm some songs nuh really get played on the radio, even though dem good but the Mavado a gwaan well and getting a lot of radio rotation it tek off already,” he said.

The rhythm is currently being used as a soundtrack for some aspects of the Sting promotional campaign, and Boom Boom claims that it should also be played during the intermission at Jamworld on December 26.

“A it wi a use kick off Sting right now, it gone to the world suh Sting night people can look fi hear it a play,” he said.

Boom Boom also revealed that Claim Records is already working on a follow up rhythm to be released in February, however this untitled rhythm will be targeting the party audience unlike the Darkness, which is geared towards underground dancehall subscribers.

“In February wi a drop a party rhythm fi di people dem, but now a just the underground wi a capture wi ago use the same crop of artistes and shot the project again like this one,” he said confidently.

The DJ/producer expressed that the success of the Darkness rhythm is rewarding for the hard work that Claim Records dedicated to the product.

“The label a take time a progress and wi glad for the success of wi first project, because wi put in the work, Mavado give wi a strength and wi love dat,” he said.

The selector leaves the island on December 23 for the United States where he has shows in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. He is due to return to Jamaica for Stone Love Awards and GT Christmas Extravaganza.

“Mi love di strength wey di patrons dem a push and continue support the music wi naah push crime and violence a music wi sey no negativity, big up Bounty Killer, Mavado, Fada Pow, Richard Stephens, Fambo and Fada Witty,” he concluded.

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