A Scottish radio station is in hot water over a song done by Leftside


A SCOTTISH radio station unfamiliar with the kind of Jamaican patois popularised by Ali  G tried to convince Ofcom  that a sexually explicit reggae song it played at three in the afternoon was actually a homage to a grilled Italian sandwich.

Brick FM, a community station in the Scottish Borders, confused the slang word ‘punany’, which refers to the female genitalia, with panini, a toasted sandwich. It also told the regulator that the word ‘f….k’ was not offensive because it is a “commonly used word in Scotland”.

The station ended up in the dock after an edition of a show called Rory’s Roots of Reggae hosted by a guest presenter called DJ Roundabout went out in February. During the programme, which aired at 3pm, he played an explicit version of the Tinie Tempah song Pass Out and the tune More Punany, by reggae artist Dr Evil. The songs contained several instances of the word ‘f…..k’ and ‘f….king’ and there were complaints to Ofcom. But the station told the regulatory body that the expletive was “not considered offensive locally” and said that the London-based organisation must be “unfamiliar with our local dialect”.

Ofcom also suggested that the song More Punany could be considered offensive. There are references to threesomes, girls in “sexy bikinis” and virgins in the song, which has the chorus: “Last night me get some punany, right now me want more punany”.
However, the station appeared to get completely the wrong end of the stick when it said that as far as it was concerned ‘punany’ was a reference to a “sandwich sold locally and is made of Italian bread with cheese and tomato which is heated up”. That, of course, is a panini.

Ofcom appeared unamused by the station’s explanation and found it in breach of its code. It added: “Ofcom therefore has serious concerns about Brick FM’s approach to compliance and may consider regulatory action.”

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